Zelanus Equitius is an Imperial soldier of the Imperial Legion. He is found in the Nobles District of the Imperial City.

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The Imperial Standard[edit | edit source]

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The Imperial Standard[edit | edit source]

"You're...? Whoa! Wait! I'm not with Molag Bal's army, I swear!"

You're wearing an imperial uniform. "Not all of us swore oaths to Legion Zero when they started to betray the city. My commanding officer, Captain Caudex, marshaled what forces he could after the insurrection and took the forum. Turned it into a garrison. We're holding on, but we need help."
What are you asking me to do? "You've seen the big building that still flies Imperial colours, right? That's us... at least, the eight of us that remain. It's been a tough few months. I don't care which banner you fight for. We need your help. At least talk to Captain Caudex."
All right. I'll meet with Captain Caudex. "I'll catch up. I've got to scavenge what I can before I head back. Food especially. We're all a bit tired of smoked rat and boot-leather soup."
You said Legion Zero betrayed the city? "Handed it right over to that necromancer, Mannimarco. I'd love to put a sword through his throat, but no one's seen him for months. He'll turn up - and when he does, we'll be waiting. Anyway, most of the surviving Legion serves Molag Bal now."
So Captain Caudex fought against the traitors? "He wasn't the only one. He's just the only one who survived. Mannimarco had any officers who refused to fall in line captured and executed. Obviously that didn't go well. The Legion ate itself alive. Brother against brother..."
Doesn't look like it went well. "We thought we were winning... for a time. Then they brought in the Daedra. First it was Captain Midara in the Arboretum. The Lieutenant Haderus and his soldiers in the Temple... slaughtered the same afternoon. We're all that's left."
How have you held the garrison all this time? "Sounds impossible, right? I can’t say that I haven't questioned it myself. Still, the Captain would have my throat if I spilled all our secrets. Seems your best bet would be to ask him yourself, friend."

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