"I don't know you. What do you want?"

Zennammu is a Dunmer Mabrigash who resides in the Shashurari Camp in Morrowind. She is currently holding an Imperial missionary, Jocien Ancois, hostage. She will not release Jocien unless she is either given Assaba-Bentus as a trade, or she is killed.


Rescue Jocien AncoisEdit



Rescue Jocien Ancois

"I don't know you. What do you want?"

Jocien Ancois "You want to take Jocien from us? But how can we work our magic without a man? I will let Jocien go if you can bring us a better man. The brave hunter Assaba-Bentus of the Erabenimsun is strong, and handsome. If you bring him here, we will let Jocien go."
Assaba-Bentus "Unless he is out hunting, he is in the Erabenimsun camp."

When returning with Assaba-Bentus:

"Good to see you, Nerevarine (Player name). Got a problem?"

Jocien Ancois "Yes, you have brought us a better man. We will let Jocien go."


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