"The Covenant attacked in force when they saw the signal fires. Even now, they're marching on Fort Zeren. Darj took some of the villagers there, including my men."
―Aera Earth-Turner[src]

Zeren in Peril is a quest available to be initiated in Fort Zeren, during the quest "Crossroads." The Vestige, choosing to battle in Fort Zeren instead of in the Dockyards, must aid Darj the Hunter in its defense against the Daggerfall Covenant.


I've made my decision. I'm standing with Darj the Hunter and the defending Fort Zeren. I must head out into the courtyard and prepare for battle.

Quick wlkthroughEdit

  1. Defend Fort Zeren
  2. Close Portals: 0/5
    • Hint: Invaders Arrive through Portals
  3. Find Denskar and Littrek
  4. Defend Denskar and Littrek
  5. Talk to Aera Earth-Turner
  6. Kill the Covenant General
    • Hint: Close the Master Portal
  7. Talk to Darj the Hunter


The quest begins once the Vestige speak with Darj the Hunter.

Darj Dialogue Screen

"Your choice must have been hard. May Shor watch over Rana and the warriors on the docks."

Where do you want me? "I want you between the Covenant attackers and the refugees. The Covenant is here. They'll strike at any moment."
I'm willing, Darj. "You have the heart of Ysgramor. Go out into the courtyard and help the Pact soldiers. You've seen more combat than those milk drinkers. Show them what you know."
The Covenant won't know what hit them.

"Head into the fort. Defend it from Covenant attackers. Kyne watch your hide, friend."

Zeren in Peril II

A portal maintained by a Covenant Incendiary.

"Covenant mages are opening portals inside the fort!"
―Denskar Earth-Turner

The Vestige must exit the Fort Zeren Keep and unto the courtyard, where they will witness the Covenant invasion taking place. The goal at this time would be to close portals opened by Covenant Incendiaries that will appear once approached. The portals are closed by simply defeating the enemies that maintain them.

"The south gate... Denskar and Littrek are in over their heads."
―Darj the Hunter

After closing the last portal, Darj the Hunter appears, telling the Vestige that Denskar and Littrek are in danger. Finding them and saving them becomes a priority. They will battle several Covenant soldiers near the stairs of the eastern gate. After aiding Denskar and Littrek, the Vestige must seek out Aera Earth-Turner, whom is located under a tower along with Eiman and Molla.

Zeren in Peril III

"Glad to see you. I came to be with my men. The Daggers almost had us. Go. Darj has need of you."

Where did he go? "He went to the keep. Said something about a 'master portal' opening at its heart. A Covenant general is coming through."

"Please. Don't let Darj down, not after all he's done for us."

General Emax

General Emax, leader of the attack on Fort Zeren.

As Aera directed, the Vestige must enter Fort Zeren Manor, located at the southernmost end of the fort; there, they must aid Darj the Hunter in battle against General Emax. After the battle is won, Darj tells the Vestige to meet him back at the keep for a debriefing.

"Well fought! Meet me outside."
―Darj the Hunter

"Ysgramor's heir indeed! Thank you, my friend."

We've won the day? "Damn their hides, yes! Fort Zeren is still in Pact hands. The refugees wouldn't have made it without you. I hate to think what must have happened at the docks."


  • 73–302 GoldIcon
  • General Emax's Staff


  • This will complete the Dhalmora objective.


Journal Entry
I must head out into the courtyard and prepare for battle.
  • Objective: Defend Fort Zeren
I should close portals around the grounds of Fort Zeren.
  • Objective: Close Portals: 0/5
Denskar and Littrek are under attack. I should go to their aid.
  • Objective: Find Denskar and Littrek
I must stand with Denskar and Littrek and make sure they survive.
  • Objective: Defend Denskar and Littrek
Denskar and Littrek have the situation well in hand. Denskar wants me to check on his wife, Aera, who has apparently come to join the men at the fort.
  • Objective: Talk to Aera Earth-Turner
Aera told me of a powerful portal forming in the heart of Fort Zeren. Darj wants me to help him close the portal and kill the Covenant general leading this attack.
  • Objective: Kill the Covenant General
Now that I've closed all the portals, I should return to Darj the Hunter.
  • Objective: Talk to Darj the Hunter
  • Quest complete


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