"Have you happened to see a small, golden cat run by? She's ever so obstinate and loves to explore. Sometimes I think she's a better Orc than I am."

Zhasim is a Khajiit hunter first encountered inside Bonerock Cavern during the events of "Riekr Revenge." Zhasim's original family was once a traveling merchant family originating from Mistral. At that time, his name was "Elzhar." Following his parents' disappearance, Zhasim was raised by Orsimer, which heavily influenced him, making him quite unique amongst other more traditional Khajiit. He owns a cat named Winks.


Riekr RevengeEdit

Orgotha's hunting party met a Riekr ambush in their hunt, and Zhasim was caught in the crossfire. One thing led to another, and Zhasim was now stuck in Bonerock Cavern with his brother Avreg and the other hunters.

A Khajiit's TaleEdit

Zhasim will explore his turbulent and tragic past with the Vestige, as well as try to uncover the identity of his true parents, which died at the hands of wild beasts while traveling across Wrothgar when he was a young child.

Another Khajiit's TaleEdit



Show: Riekr Revenge

"Have you happened to see a small, golden cat run by? She's ever so obstinate and loves to explore. Sometimes I think she's a better Orc than I am."

You're Avreg's brother? "You met Avreg, did you? We look nothing alike, but he's the best brother I've ever had. I was trying to find the other hunters when Winks decided to go exploring without me. Stupid cat isn't afraid of anything. Hey, wait a moment. Who are you?"
Orgotha asked me to find you and the rest of your hunting party. "That's what I'm doing! But I lost track of Zubesha and Thereg when Winks got away from me. And there are an awful lot of Riekrs in here. If you find the hunters, I'll look for Winks. Sound good to you?"
You should return to your camp. "You want me to abandon my companions? And poor Winks? That's not how Orcs do things! That's not the Orc way! Besides, I may have been raised by Orcs, but I'm a Khajiit, in case you haven't noticed. We're stealthy! At least, that's what I read."
How did you end up living with an Orc clan? "The same way as any Orc―a snow bear left me near a warm forge! I'm just fooling. An Orc hearth-wife found me wandering in the woods and took me in. She raised me and my brother like other Orc cubs. Taught us to fight and hunt and break things."
In all this time, no Khajiit has offered to take you to your homeland? "Never met another Khajiit, but I'd like to one day. Ahem. 'This one is pleased to meet you.' I read they speak different. I practice when I can. I have a book about Khajiit culture. Fascinating stuff, but my hearth-mother doesn't approve."
Do you remember anything about your real family? "Avreg and the Orcs are my real family! But if you mean about where I came from, no. I had this moon medalion when they found me. My hearth-mother says it brings me good luck, but not so much today. You don't miss what you never had, though, right?"

After leaving him, Zhasim will call out for Winks and then try to stealth:

"Winks! Where did you get to you bad kitty? Disappear! By the First Forge, I'll never get the hang of this!"

Zhasim is met once more, deeper into the mine:

"I'm starting to get the hang of this stealth thing. That ogre didn't even know I was there! Hey, what's this place? It's so big!"

"You look for the hunters and I'll find Winks. Deal?"

Still no sign of your cat? "Oh, there have been signs. I even saw her briefly. A durzog was chasing her and I killed it. Well, I guess I wounded it. It slunk off in that direction. But Winks dashed ahead again. She must be around here somewhere."
Do you think she made it deeper into the ruins? "Possibly. Winks can slip through the smallest openings. But she could be in here somewhere. It's a big room. If one of those Riekrs hurts my cat, they'll taste my blade."
Show: A Khajiit's Tale

"You look like the hearth-mother whose horker roast comes out of the oven and the nose ring she thought she lost is poking out of the gravy. So, what did you find?"

I found a medallion with two moons. "Can I see that? Sounds like Khajiit jewelry, but it's strange that you found it in an old Orc ruin. It's just like mine! Exactly the same! And look how the bag was placed near these odd pillars. I think it's a puzzle. I love puzzles!"
You think this was left for you to find? "Maybe. One of my dreams is to find out where I came from. Well, and then learn that I'm part of a royal Khajiit bloodline. I'm sure these pillars are some sort of puzzle. Must be a hint around here that will help us solve it."

If spoken to again:

"What do you think? Have you figured out how to solve the puzzle? I'm still working on it myself. There's an old Orc fable about a torch, an owl, and a hammer, but I don't remember the details."

If spoken to after solving the puzzle:

"Did you see that! That coffer appeared out of nowhere! I wonder what's inside?"

Zayshara's First Note:

"Do you think that scroll was left for me?"

It's a mother writing to her child. "Let me see that. Zayshara! My mother's name was Zayshara! And my sire was Azin. I didn't remember that. The hearth-mother said that a hunting party found me wandering in a snowstorm, too cold even to cry. They took me back to the stronghold."
They saved your life. "They did. They've always been good to me. The hearth-mother. My brother Avreg. Osthoga [sic] [Do not change this to Orthoga. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] and others. I'm an Orc, even if I don't look like one. But... maybe my parents were rescued! Let's look for more clues. Maybe my Khajiit family is still alive! They must've gone deeper into the ruins. Follow me!"

If spoken to in Bonerock Ruins:

"My mother... I think she made these puzzles so that her child... so that I... could find her. Come on, let's figure this one out."

Upon finding the note:

"A riddle. She's playing with her child... let's search this chamber!"

Upon finding the second coffer:

"A coffer. She hid it with simple spells. I think I remember playing this game when I was younger..."

If spoken to before searching the coffer:

"Hurry! See if my mother hid another note in that coffer."

Zayshara's Second Note:

"Do you think they remained in these ruins, looking for me?"

Your mother believed you'd find your way back to her. "It took a while, but I guess I did. It happened so long ago. I don't really remember her or my people. Not sure how I feel about all this, but I need to find Winks. Maybe my mother left something else for me. I'll keep my eyes open as I look around."
"I'll look for more puzzles. And my cat. She's around here, and my cat. Oh! I forgot. Disappear!... Damnit."

At the new note:

"I think that's another one of my mother's notes. You look at it, all right?"

After reading The Moons Rhyme:

"Look... that face. You think it's a smiling moon?"

"Zayshara must've kept hoping her son... that I... would return... No crying! Orcs don't cry. Look, I think there's a moon on that vace."

After finding the vases:

"My mother... I think she made these puzzles so that her child... so that I... could find her. Come on, let's figure this one out."

If spoken to before searching the coffer:

"Please, you need to check the coffer. My hands are shaking too much."

Zayshara's Third Note:

"How can my heart hurt so much for someone I never knew?"

It sounds like your mother loved you very much. "I think you're right. Making these puzzles seemed to give her some small amount of hope in a difficult situation. I still need to find my cat. I'll scout ahead and see if my mother left anything else for me."

At the remains:

"I think... I think I found my mother. I was a fool to think my family might still be alive. There are other Khajiit skeletons in here."

I'm sorry, Zhasim. "I didn't think it would hurt this much. She left those silly notes and puzzles. For me. She loves her son. She loved me... me. I'm Zhasim, but I'm also Elzhar. Sounds kind of funny to my... to this one's... ears."
Now that you know the truth, will you abandon your Orc clan? "No, not completely. They're my family, too, you know. My mother said that I have trade and travel in my blood. I might go to Orsinium. Apprentice myself to a merchant for awhile. See how that feels."
It's good to know where you came from. "Yes, it is, isn't it? Maybe I'll contact someone in Mistral. Ask about Zayshara and Azin. I'd like to learn more about them. I'm going to stay here a while longer. Pay my respects, you know? Then I really have to go find my cat."
"Farewell, mother. Don't worry about me. Find the missing hunters and the riekr totem. I've got the stealth thing working fine now. May Jone and Jode shelter you, mother. And may Malacath guide your way."

Outside Bonerock Cavern:

"Thanks again for helping me in there. It's good to finally know where I came from. If you're ever in Orsinium, look for me. I'm going to apprentice myself to whatever merchant will have me."

Show: Another Khajiit's Tale [?]


  • You did it Winks! Good Kitty!


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