Zizzeen was the Grandee of Antiphyllos, situated in the province of Hammerfell. Zizzeen was a member of the Crowns, a conservative group of Redguards that operate from the city-state of Old Hegathe. Zizzeen was a contender for the throne of Sentinel, until he had lost it to Fahara'jad, a distant relative of his.


Second Era

Zizzeen was the Grandee of Antiphyllos, descended from the Phyllocid Dynasty, the Crowns royalty that has ruled over Old Hegathe for a very long time. One such member was Arlimahera, the Blood Queen of Hegathe, a supposed member of the Dark Brotherhood. When Ramzi the Distrait, leader of Sentinel died from the Knahaten Flu, a new King was needed to guide the people through the chaos. Grandee Zizzeen stepped in, representing the Crowns to become the King of Sentinel, however, he had lost the position to Fahara'jad, a noble of the Forebears. During his campaign, Zizzeen had given out teacups to Crown loyalists. Zizzeen's lost to power sparked controversy to the southern rulers. In response to this, King Fahara'jad joined the Daggerfall Covenant.[1][2][3][OOG 1]



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