Zohreh is a Redguard who resides in the Alik'r Desert city of Bergama.


The Scholar of BergamaEdit

The Search for ShiriEdit


Imperial Incursion

"This is ... unthinkable. Shiri came to me only a few months ago, but she seemed so dedicatd. Of course she was! She was studying the Ansei Wards ...! How could I not have seen this? I hope we can find her before she does something ... terrible."

What do you think Shiri is planning? "I-I just don't know. Her brothers are dead and we have recovered two of the Ansei Wards ... does she have the third? Is the Withered Hand now under her command? Was it all along? These are so many questions. I will need time—time we don't have."
Any guess where she might have gone? "I-I'm not sure. Perhaps the Motallion Necropolis? Her father's remains are there ... yes, that may be where Shiri has gone."
How do I get there? "It is just on the other side of Satakalaam. After the Imperials are driven out of the city, getting into the necropolis will be easier."
How did you get past the Imperials? "It was not easy. I had to sneak by the Imperials, but I was worried about the book Shiri was carrying. I was worried the Withered Hand would get their hands on it. Unfortunately though, it seems they already had it."


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