"That Riekr chief was very improper! He kept stroking my braids ... Are the others all right? I better go find them."

Zubesha is an Orsimer hunter first met during the events of "Riekr Revenge" in the depths of Bonerock Cavern, almost becoming a sacrifice to a Riekr deity. She is the sister of Orgotha, the organizer of her hunting party.


Riekr RevengeEdit

Orgotha organized a hunting party that encountered total disaster upon meeting a Riekr ambush near Bonerock Cavern. Murukh held back the riekr, but was eventually overwhelmed, scaring the others into the supposed shelter of the Cavern, which included Zhasim, Avreg, Thereg, and Zubesha herself. The Vestige would come to rescue all four.


Riekr Revenge

"That riekr chieftain was kind of grabby. And his breath smelled like rotten troll fat. Thanks for getting me out of there!"

After finishing the quest:

"Isn't my sister the greatest! I learned many important lessons during this hunting expedition."


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