上古卷轴IV:湮灭中的任务包括必须按顺序完成的(任务线),它们是完全独立的,比如魔族,另外还有可以按任何顺序完成的野外任务。 Some of these have other requirements, however, such as most all 魔族祭坛 quests, which require the 英雄 to be a specific level. It may also be wise to start a quest, but not finish it if a quest item that may be lost or changed upon completion of the quest is useful.

This page lists all quests in 湮灭. It does not include quests from any of the add-ons, such as 上古卷轴IV:战栗孤岛, 上古卷轴IV:九骑士, 梅鲁涅斯的剃刀, etc.


上古卷轴IV:湮灭中共有204个任务日志,though only 203 journal quests can appear, and at most 199 journal quests can be completed. If going for the maximum number of quests accepted, "黑暗放逐" is the only one quest which cannot be started, since doing so means permanent expulsion from the 黑暗兄弟会, rendering the remainder of the guild quest line inaccessible, and "Eternal Exile" is impossible to start once the Hero is named 黑暗兄弟会聆听者. If going for the maximum number of quests completed, however, there are four quests which can be started but cannot be completed. Two of these quests are "死亡的低语" and "竞技场," which are the final quests in the quest lines for黑暗兄弟会和帝国城市竞技场任务线,respectively. These quests have no completed state as they are infinitely repeatable for a gold reward. The third of these four quests is "盗贼公会的淘汰者," which also has no completed state, and the Hero can repeatedly use this quest's journal entry instructions to gain re-entry into the 盗贼公会. The last of these quests is "Cast out of the Thieves Guild," which only reaches its completed state once the Hero is expelled for the third time permanently, rendering the remainder of the guild quest line inaccessible.


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Fighters Guild编辑

There are 21 quests in the Fighters Guild quest line. These quests have been divided into sections which must be done in order, though quests within each "Jobs" section can be done in any order.

Jobs, Part I编辑

Fighters Guild Duties编辑

Jobs, Part II编辑

The Blackwood Company Appears编辑

Jobs, Part III编辑

Jobs, Part IV编辑

Jobs, Part V编辑

Jobs, Part VI编辑

Shutting Down the Blackwood Company编辑


Mages Guild编辑

There are a total of 22 Mages Guild quests. Mages Guild Recommendation quests may be done in any order. The Chorrol Recommendation is divided into Fingers of the Mountain and Fingers of the Mountain, Part II, the first of which is the only one necessary to receive the recommendation.

Guild Recommendations编辑

Arcane University编辑


Thieves Guild编辑

There are 14 Thieves Guild quests. It is possible to join the Thieves Guild without ever starting Finding the Thieves Guild. This method must be avoided if seeking 100% completion of quests.

Armand Christophe编辑


Gray Fox编辑


Dark Brotherhood编辑

There is a grand total of 34 quests for the Dark Brotherhood. "A Dark Exile," "Another Dark Exile," and "The Renegade Shadowscale" must be completed prior to completion of "The Purification." The Dark Brotherhood has a uniquely designed quest line wherein there is a "transition" quest between quests, where the only goal is to accept the next quest from your Brotherhood member. These quests will be listed in parentheses beside the quest they follow.

Vicente Valtieri编辑


Lucien Lachance编辑

Black Hand编辑



Only 2 quests are meant to exist for the Arena faction. "Origin of the Gray Prince" is an optional quest, but it may be rendered inaccessible by progression through "The Arena."

  • The Arena
  • Origin of the Gray Prince


There are 15 Daedric Quests, which have the unique aspect of minimum level requirements, as well as other offerings to the Daedric Shrines to begin the quests; these requirements are listed in their entirety. This list is sorted alphabetically, not in order of progression -- in fact, it is impossible to complete all Daedric Quests in alphabetical order due to their requirements.

Master Training Quests编辑


There is a Master Training quest for each of the 21 attributes in Oblivion.


The remainder of the quests are made up of 55 city, settlement, and inn-based quests. All quests are listed in alphabetical order, except for those which are listed as children of another quest, which are in quest progression






The Imperial City编辑




Settlements and Inns编辑

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