a detailed chronology of events in The Elder Scrolls,参见TimelineTime is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. The calendar serves as a structure around time. Deities, or beings known as the 神族, as well as other spiritual entities, exist beyond time or outside of it. Time has been disrupted several times. The time wound created atop the 世界之喉, when an 上古卷轴 was used to send 奥杜因 forward in time, is perhaps the most renowned. Some scholars theorize that the Tonal Architects of the 锻莫 civilization tinkered with time, and thus became lost in it, explaining their mysterious and sudden disappearance from the anthropological record. A 任务 involving time-travel is set to appear in 上古卷轴在线.[1] A minute in game is the equivalent to around 3 1/2 seconds in real life. 


Tamriel's year consists of 364 days, split into twelve months. Six months have 31 days, five have 30 days and one has 28 days. Very similar to the Gregorian Calendar, real-world equivalents to Tamriel's system of time are listed in parentheses. The days are organized into a week seven days long. The days of the week are:

Morndas (MON)
Tirdas (TUE)
Middas (WED)
Turdas (THU)
Fredas (FRI)
Loredas (SAT)
Sundas (SUN)

Tamrielic holidays编辑

Morning Star (JAN)
1st – New Life Festival [2]
2nd – Scour Day
12th – Ovank'a
15th – South Wind's Prayer [2]
16th – The Day of Lights
18th – Waking Day
Sun's Dawn (FEB)
2nd – Mad Pelagius
5th – Othroktide
8th – Day of Release
16th – Heart's Day [2]
27th – Perseverance Day
28th – Aduros Nau
First Seed (MAR)
7th – First Planting [2]
9th – The Day of Waiting
21st – Hogithum
25th – Flower Day
26th – Festival of Blades
Rain's Hand (APR)
1st – Gardtide
13th – The Day of the Dead
20th – The Day of Shame
28th – Jester's Day [2]
Second Seed (MAY)
7th – Second Planting [2]
9th – Marukh's Day
20th – The Fire Festival
30th – Fishing Day
Mid Year (JUN)
1st – Drigh R'Zimb
16th – Mid Year Celebration [2]
23rd – Dancing Day
24th – Tibedetha
Sun's Height (JUL)
10th – Merchants Festival
12th – Divad Etep't
20th – Sun's Rest [2]
29th – Fiery Night
Last Seed (AUG)
2nd – The Day of Maiden Katrica
11th – Koomu Alezer'i
14th – The Feast of the Tiger
21st – Appreciation Day
27th – Harvest's End [2]
Heartfire (SEP)
3rd – Tales and Tallows [2]Nocturnal's Day
6th – Khurat
8th – Nocturnal's Summoning Day
12th – Riglametha
19th – Children's Day
Frostfall (OCT)
5th – Dirij Tereur
13th – Witches' Festival [2]
23rd – Broken Diamonds [3]
30th – Emperor's Day [2]
Sun's Dusk (NOV)
3rd – The Serpents Dance
8th – Moon Festival
18th – Hel Anseilak
20th – Warriors Festival [2]
Evening Star (DEC)
15th – North Winds Prayer [2]
18th – Baranth Do
24th – Chil'a
25th – New Life Festival
30th – Old Life Festival

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