艾尔诺菲语 is an ancient language of 奈恩 used by the 艾尔诺菲人 during the 黎明纪元 as well as a dialect of Merish and is considered to be dead.[1] Ehlnofex is also known to be one of the oldest languages in history and possibly an ancestral language to both 人类 and . It was learned by both 梅尔-格里姆 and Annaig Hoinart in the 第四纪元 and the only known native speakers of Ehlnofex are the inhabitants of 地狱城 and Ehlnofey.[1]


Few people in 泰姆瑞尔 know how to speak Ehlnofex. Some common words have their ancient roots in Ehlnofex like 神族 (Ancestor) or 魔族 (not our Ancestor).[来源?] Tamriel also takes its name from Ehlnofex (Starry Heart).[2] Mostly, 丹莫 still use Ehlnofex words in common communication—addressing Sera or Serjo, Tel (Tower), Sadrith (Mushroom) or 莫拉格帮 (Forester Guild).[3]




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